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Story of our School
Sweet's Corners building and trees outside

Welcome to Sweet’s Corners Elementary School!  Home of the Cougars! 

Located in Lyndhurst, our school population is around 100 students.   Our families live in Lyndhurst, Seeley’s Bay, and surrounding areas. 

This year, our school is comprised of 5 homeroom classes and a core French program.  The layout of the school has changed over time, as it was once a fully open-concept construction.  Half of our classrooms are in a primary wing.  The other classes are in a semi-open concept area in the centre portion of the school.  These classrooms all lead into the Learning Commons, a computer lab, a lunch room, workrooms, and bookrooms.  This set-up creates a flow between workspaces and fosters a sense of community.

Our building has a lot of spirit where we value and promote a positive school climate.  One of the fun ways that we foster this culture is through “colour houses”, which are multi-grade level teams that work hard to get points.  We use this system to motivate, praise, and recognize academic, social, and athletic effort.  Students are divided into 4 colour teams when they enroll.  Every teacher has the privilege of giving points.   For example, if a child has demonstrated a positive character trait (e.g. honesty, respect, responsibility, etc.), if they get involved in extra-curriculars, or if they choose an appropriate conflict resolution strategy (e.g. walk away, talk it out, share and take turns, etc.), they may earn a point.  The children enjoy the team spirit and working together as a collective for a common goal of having the most colour house points!

We appreciate and value our community members’ involvement.  For example, some people share their time by coming into the school and sharing the love of reading, cooking, or other areas of interest.  Other members of the community become involved by collecting items that may be needed at certain times; such as a hat and mitten drive.  The children also have after school opportunities to explore and learn with the community programs that are offered throughout the year in our school building.  

We have an active and dedicated school council who is always thinking of wonderful ways to support and add to our existing program.  For example, they play a pivotal role in our hot lunch program and reach out to community members to help sponsor a lunch so that all children can share in a communal “feast” each month. 

As a staff, we meet regularly to collaborate on ways to improve our instructional practices.  We use data, experience, and research to guide our discussions and are committed to school improvement.  We recognize and value parents’ involvement and look forward to working with you to help your child grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

Welcome to the Sweet’s Corners family!

Sweet's Corners Elementary School

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